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Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers
Posted by carmelita from Texas /Zone 10 on 2008-11-24 10:07:00

I have sufficient land to plant flowers to decorate our church. Our church members take turns paying for the flowers and the arrangement every week (those who can afford it).
What I would like to do is to grow the flowers and have someone voluteer their skill and time to make the arrangements. I live in south Texas 78539, I believe it's Zone 10. We have a mild winter, it freezes once or twice a year. My Question for you is what kinds of flowers should grow and when.
I do have a tractor, but I don't know if I would need to use. The soil here is horribly, it's mostly hard clay. Once we try to make a hole with the awler and the awler kept spinng & no hole was dug. Please I need help!


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