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Teresa B, Hummingbird Vine

Teresa B, Hummingbird Vine
Posted by KimmSr from MI-4a/5b on 2008-11-22 09:08:00

Apparently I still cannot post a reply without the error message.
There are two common vines often mislabeled as "Hummingbird Vine" one of which is the Trumpet Vine, "Campsis radicans" that grows very vigorously and is considered an invasive plant in many places. This vine generally grows orange or red colored trumpet shaped flowers, and will take over an area in a very few years crowding out other plants.
The other mislabeled plant is the Morning Glory, " Ipomoea spp", which while not quite as aggressive as "C. radicans" can also be a problem although much less so.
10 years after cutting down a Trumpet Vine we are still dealing with the roots sending up suckers that want, badly, to grow into a full sized vine. This even after spraying them with "weed" killers, even stuff not available to the average homweowner obtained by out licensed pesticide applicator.
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