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Vining plants

Vining plants
Posted by Kimm Miller from MI-4a/5b on 2008-11-08 09:00:00

There are many vining plants that also flower, but few people would recommend growing these vines so they could grow up the sides of houses. Vining plants growing on houses create more problems than they solve, holding moisture which can rot wood, or breaking the moror bond on brick and stone sided houses causing them to, eventually, collapse
  • Vines
    Posted by JWilliams from richmond,Va on 2008-12-20 02:43:00

    I like to grow these from seed such as

    moonvine-black eye susan vine all types and colors. I grow them in pots and use trellis. I wanted to know what do you think is the best way for me to use these plants on the dock and how to control them from going wild?
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