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Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys
Posted by KimmSr from MI-4a/5b on 2008-10-30 08:38:00

Paula from Michigan asked, "Any suggestions on how to prevent wild turkeys from throwing the bark from my flower beds all over my yard would be appreciated. I realize they are looking for bugs, but I have spent the better part of the summer putting the bark back in my beds. There are even a few fist size rocks they have moved."

The only way I have found to prevent this is with good, tight fencing around the planting beds. As long as the planting beds are less than probably 6 feet wide the turkeys will not try to fly in. Makes my getting into the planting beds a bit difficult but keeps them out. Many of the 4 x 4 planting beds have the fence fabric stapled to frames which is easier to remove (just lift them off) and they go back in place easily when I am done working on that bed.
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