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Yarrow & Summer Phlox help!

Yarrow & Summer Phlox help!
Posted by Amy from SC (north west) on 2008-10-24 11:52:00

My 2nd summer with a perennial garden. It's in full sun (8 hrs) with a few inches of cedar mulch. Everything survived 2007's brutal drought & no watering mandates. But the Yarrow is short, blooms white then turns brown. Most of the stems then brown and die out quickly. They seems to like the warm Fall & have bloomed again after little this Summer. Is it too much sun? And the Summer Phlox barely blooms. Many stems came up about 2' with buds then never bloomed. The stems are very thin & week. Guess they needs staked, but I thought they had much thicker, stronger stems. I fertile with Miracle Grow in Spring every other week. Then 1x per month in summer. What else can/should I do?
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