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Fuschias - Help!

Fuschias - Help!
Posted by Katie from CA/9b (to low 3 on 2008-06-18 01:21:00

I have a mostly shady backyard. My fuschias love the filtered light they receive. They are planted in the ground and I have a couple of the hanging kind in baskets that I just purchased this summer. However, the ones in hanging baskets are EXPLODING with flowers while the ones in the ground seem to have stopped flowering (although they were doing well for a while there - nothing compared to what the baskets are doing)...What can I do to kick them into high gear? Do I cut them back or do I have to wait until the fall to do that? One of the plants is nearing 4' tall and the other is nearing 3'. I love the height, but want the FLOWERS!!! Please help! Thank you.
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