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sticky leaves on kalanchoe

sticky leaves on kalanchoe
Posted by sue from NY on 2008-06-09 12:03:00

what is causing sticky leaves on my kalanchoe?
  • Sticky leaves on Kalanchoe
    Posted by Becky Frazier from North Carolina on 2008-06-11 04:05:00

    I have mealy bugs on mine occasionally.I also have found they are sometimes bothered by spider mites . I also check them for scales which can become a problem rather quickly on stems and are sometimes well hidden and sticky to the touch .
    I would also check for aphids as they leave a sticky residue and ants farm this and spread it over the plants.
    Check your plants early in the morning for pests if possible because it seems like they are more visible then.
    I find that taking the time as a preventive measure is very helpful . Kalanchoes can be strong plants with TLC . Check them in the store before you buy them as sometimes they may have something a little wrong that needs fast attention.
    Hope this helps !
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