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Jade plant

Jade plant
Posted by Shirley ( from Illinois/5 on 2008-04-15 12:56:00

I have an old & large (30" diam.) jade plant that seems to have slightly shriveled looking leaves. I usually put the plant outside in the summer where it seems to thrive, and bring it inside in the fall. This winter it hasn't looked as healthy with the shrivelling & dropping leaves. Some of the leaves also have some black "bumps." Could my jade have spider
mites? Maybe it needs re-potting? Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Repot Yes!
    Posted by Laurie from Maryland on 2008-08-03 06:54:00

    Yes, I am an advocate of repotting your plants every couple of years or so. Research online the mixture you might need with type of plant you have... in your case a Jade is a succulent, so you need a different type of a soil mixture. Don't discount the pre-made fertilized types they are great. And plants like a slightly larger pot with each upgrade. It's like buying a bigger house.

    The roots will thank you, it's the most important part of the plant.
  • Scales
    Posted by Stephanie from Tennessee/Zone on 2008-04-24 04:10:00

    The black bumps might be scale insects. They suck the sap from plants and excrete a sticky residue that can sometimes be found on the leaves. It is easy to get rid of scales. Just scrape them off with your fingers.
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