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Baby Oil on Plants

Baby Oil on Plants
Posted by Lizzabella ( from Indiana on 2007-07-29 11:43:00

I was wondering if it is true that it is safe to rub baby oil on your plants leaves for cleaning them and maintaining a shine.
  • oil on plants
    Posted by bibiana from ny on 2007-08-18 03:57:00

    don't use any type of oil because it may clog the pores of the plant and hurt it. If you want to add shine as you lean your plants, try rubbing it with a piece of banana (very ripe). You will be impressed with the result.
  • baby oil
    Posted by Jen from CT on 2007-08-17 10:44:00

    I completely agtree w/ 2 other respondents.
    I have found that when I mist my plants, particularly in the winter, I achieve many benefits. Keeps the dust off plant, keeps plant hydrated in winter heat indoors. Also, insects do NOT like as moist environment. Misting keeps them from 'settling in'
    My plants have that shiny look, naturally, all winter long from misting. Mist UNDERSIDE of leaves also.
    Just not any leaves that are 'fuzzy'
  • Baby Oil
    Posted by Lisa:) from NY on 2007-08-09 06:54:00

    My friend had put baby oil on her houseplant (can't remember what kind) and although it looked lovely, it slowly died from it.
    I use a damp cloth.
  • baby oil
    Posted by Deirdre from NC zone 7 on 2007-08-01 11:52:00

    Although it will make leaves look "glossy" I would no recommend doing so because he leaves are like skin..........w/ pores, you know? It will clog he leaves up and it is not good. Wipe w/ a soft damp cloth.
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