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Bonsai pruning problems

Bonsai pruning problems
Posted by Julie Blake from West Virginia on 2007-06-23 10:56:00

Hi everyone!
My husband wants to prune everything in site, so I thought a bonsai tree would be up his ally. Wrong! He hasn't touched it! I bought it for Christmas from a Sam's Club. Needless to say I do not know the variety, even after scuring the internet. I bought Phil a book, too, but that isn.'t helpful to us at this time. My question is: how do I start to prune this fellow when this chore has been negleted for 6 months. When I bought it for Christmas I had to nurse it back to health - leaves falling off, infested with bugs. It is now in great condition, but gowing like a weed! I don't think I neet to touch the roots yet, or repot, but I would like to know how far to cut back the leaves, shoots, etc. the leaves look a little like a minature obedience plant. It has very small leaves (about 2 mm almost round. there are about ten or so up one side and don the other of the branches. Many branches have sprouted.
I am at work at present, so no icture. If you need a picture let me know and I will try to include one tomorrow.
  • Bonasi Tree - Pruining
    Posted by Allen Stewart from Ohio on 2007-07-08 04:39:00

    Without a picture of the tree or of course knowing its variety it's difficult to give you any specific advice. However, you may want to pinch the tips (pinch off the newest end growth of each branch) which will slow-down the long-leafy growth overall. At this time that is all I would recommend without knowing more.
    In Unity, Allen
  • Bonsai pruning
    Posted by Molli from TX on 2007-06-25 09:40:00

    I found a site that had some pretty good info, and some really good photos as well. It had many different Bonsai so I hope that have your variety.
    Hopes this helps.
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