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Seeds not growing

Seeds not growing
Posted by Tracy from fl 34683 on 2007-06-13 01:27:00

I need some help please. Plants and seeds are my new hobby and just having a little bit of trouble. OK.. here we go. I planted 5 flats of seeds. I had about 20 envelopes and did not have any lable sticks to show me what the seeds were so I created a map of my flats and wrote all the names in the little squares. WELL.. silly me I have moved the flats about 100xs since then so I dont know what is what. Anyway its been over a month since I have planted them and NOTHING has happen yet. I water and live in Florida so I do get alof of sun. I now have them outside wrapped in plastic wrap for a week. and still nothing. I found this site and have learned about floresnet lights. Just sent my husband to HD to get me one. ya think its too late to bring them in my garage (in florida we dont have basements) and shine the lights on them. Or do you think something else will work?
Im a Funeral Director and Im just hoping that Ill be able to see these alive and grow strong. See something alive for a change. Its good for my inner?...innner something!
Ok thanks for reading my message and help
  • Starting Seeds
    Posted by Trisha from MO/6 on 2007-06-15 06:09:00

    Aw! That's disappointing, but different plants have different times and temperatures for sprouting. Annuals and vegetables tend to sprout quickly from 60-80 degrees according to variety, and some won't sprout when it gets hotter than their favorite temperature. Some perennials are even weirder and need all sorts of TLC. Check your library for books on starting seeds to learn about what it is you want to grow. Or, try this Web site again with the specific things you've planted.
    • re
      Posted by Brent from sc 8 on 2007-07-10 02:10:00

      Some seeds require a hot or cold stratification or scarifacation in order to germinate. Some maple seeds can take two years to germinate. Google seed germinating database and you should find some websites that will give you germination rates, optimum temps, and pre-treatments for your seeds. Make sure your seedbeds drain well. Only water when needed or you will rot them in the ground. I learned that lession the hard way cold stratifying 4000 japanese maple seeds last winter.
      • Database
        Posted by Brent from sc 8 on 2007-07-10 02:17:00

        THis should help.
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