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How do I resurrect a snake plant?

How do I resurrect a snake plant?
Posted by Daphne from Wa on 2007-06-02 08:22:00

I suspect my neighbor unintentionally drowned my snake plant. When I moved in a month ago I left the plant under cover on my back porch and about a week later when I went to check its dirt and bring it inside, the soil was fully saturated and the leaves were falling out. How can I resurrect it? I'm afraid it may be too late because a slight breeze would blow the leaves right out of the dirt at this point.
  • Snake Plant drowned
    Posted by TC from Vero Beach, Fl on 2007-06-03 06:44:00

    I am an avid gardener and former landscaper. Let me tell you- that plant does not sell well. Apparently there is not a real desire for this easily grown plant.
    I would suggest you tell your neighbor there are some plants that can not have wet feet. This is one of them. I'm sorry to say but you should go out and buy another plant and quit trying to bring this one back to life. Too much water will kill the root system and turn it into mush.You migh end up with a large problem because what goes along with water is fungus problems.
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