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Garden Critters

Garden Critters
Posted by Nancy from CA on 2001-03-24 19:28:33

How do I prevent birds, squirrels,
rabbits, and snails from invading my
garden again. I lost 3/4 of my plants
to these critters. Should I build some
sort of wire fencing around the
perimeter of the garden? I would
appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  • Garden Critters
    Posted by Daryl from Zone 7/Ga on 2001-03-30 15:02:48

    Quoting Nancy: ------------
    -How do I prevent birds, squirrels,
    -rabbits, and snails from invading my
    -garden again.

    How big is your garden, and what is your major plague? A fence won't keep out birds or squirrels, unless it has a top. Even with a top, snails will get through.
    A combination of fences and floating row covers might give you some relief.
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