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What is this plant?

What is this plant?
Posted by Byron from ca on 2007-05-05 11:46:00

I got this plant at a home depot or somewhere like that, but I have no idea what it is. Anyone?
link to pictures below

Mystery plant

  • What is this plant?
    Posted by Pat from Fl/9 on 2007-07-07 02:48:00

    It looks similar to my goldfish plant. It gets little orange fish shaped flowers on it. I keep mine out on the lanai and it does quite well.
    • gold fish plant
      Posted by Diana from 5 on 2008-02-05 03:55:00

      I bought this plant 5years ago and I can't find no info on how to care for this plant. It flowers once a year but get less flowers every year. When I first bought it I asked the lady a bought it she knew nothing, all she said it new and it was called a gold fish plant. It was hanging in my living room window which faces east. We just retiered this past June and sold the house and live full time in our camper. In the summer we live in Wiscosin and winter Texas. I leave it out side and it get morning and early noon sun I got 1 flower on it this year so I've been racking my brain to find out more on this plant and found you. So I would like more info on this plant and how to care for it and how to bring back all the little fishes back. My husband use to tell everyone about this plant and now he's always asking me about were did all the gold fish go. We miss them and we can't show them off. Please help me with my gold fish.
      Thank you

      Slow Poke

  • What is this plant?
    Posted by Michelle from LA 9 on 2007-06-16 07:02:00

    Curly lipstick plant.
  • Mystery Plant
    Posted by leslie from Western NC on 2007-05-18 08:23:00

    I'll take a good guess that it is in the wandering Jew family. Wandering Jew is available in variegated, purple varigated and solid green.

    It also has some characteristics of a succulent. The tiny fuzzies make me think they would not appreciate misting. Good Luck.
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