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Desperate - What house plants propogate easily

Desperate - What house plants propogate easily
Posted by Barbara Calfee, Willoughby OH (On Lake Erie) ( from OH Zone 5 on 2007-01-14 08:45:00

I've recently suffered a head injury, causing me to close a successful law practice and social work practice. My Disability income is forcing me to live barely check to check. I have no family so I'm in desperate financial straits. (All savings, IRAs, etc. were used for medical costs as I'm also a narcoleptic and narcoleptics do not find it easy to locate health inurance.) I only share this as background and explain why I'm sorta' desperate. My MDs are helping me look for income producing activities that are within my medical resources (work from home, plenty of time for rest periods, no set hours, complement a talent I already have and NO UNPLEASANT PRESSURE!!)

They know I was working on my Master Gardener certificate prior to the head injury and have a home filled with lush houseplants.

Here's my questions. What house plants propogate easily? I've got a support network of 3 close friends who are willing to support me in holding a "garage sale" of sorts for plants. But, after all the reading I've done, it's stil hard for my brain to process what houseplants propagate easily, root cuttings, stem cuttings, etc.? I'll even look into houseplants that can be propagated by seed and cacti.

Any ideas might just help this 48-year old out of a SERIOUS financial dilemma and gain a little self-respect. It's tough to go from a productive tax-paying citizen to a low-level member of society financially where I don't even help out the community by paying taxes. Thank you VERU MUCH!! Any one who responds will hear back from me re: my decision and my success!

Barb Calfee
Willoughby, OH
  • Desperate-what house plants root easily
    Posted by Michelle G from LA 9 on 2007-06-16 07:10:00

    Also, aloe and lipstick plants can be added to your list. Wandering Jew, impatients or any plant w/ a juicy stem are usually very easy as well.
  • cuttings
    Posted by Jackie from PA on 2007-06-06 03:56:00

    How about jade plants? Mine root even if just a leaf falls in the soil.
  • grow for it!
    Posted by Rita LeRoy from CA on 2007-04-26 08:27:00

    The surest way to get more plants is through division. Any plant that multiplies can be divided. Voila! Instant plants. Examples are ferns, sansevieria, aglaonema. Look at the plant and see if it has multiple plants coming up. Take the plant out of the pot and use a bread knife, clippers or whatever works for you and saw, cut the plant into sections of plants with roots. Pot up in pots about the size of the rooted plant.
    The explanation of how to do cuttings is good from another person who wrote to you. Remember to keep the cuttings short, no more than 4 inches, remove bottom leaves and barely dust with rooting hormone.
    Some plants will root in water, even easier. Examples are syngonium, pothos, heart-leved philodendron, etc.
    Good luck and have fun!

  • plants
    Posted by bill from ohio Fairport on 2007-02-08 09:27:00

    Grow english ivey it grow hardy.
  • propagation
    Posted by Kelly from MA on 2007-01-20 09:40:00

    Hi Barbara,
    sorry to hear of your misfortune. too bad you live too far away. we could go into cahoots. besides the head trauma I am with you. anyway the easiest propagationg is done by pinching tips off of easily rooting plants ( coleus, pothos, angel wing begonias, hoya,) I have done all of these with no problem . even a sanseivaria ( very slow to root) you can purchase a rooting hormone it is like a fine powder. once you pinch or cut the tops of what you will be rooting just dip in the powder, than the dirt. you should be able to tell when they root they will look more perky or if you tug lightly thay will feel anchored, certain plants root differently like you have obviously read , stick to those untill you become a pro. you can also provide bottom heat to promote strong fast root growth. hope that helps.
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