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Philodendron taking over the house!

Philodendron taking over the house!
Posted by Christine from MA on 2006-12-04 09:31:00

Hi, I have a lovely Philodendron that jsut keeps growing and doesnt cling, so it just trials everywhere.. I have it tied up to stakes for now but it looks absurd. I trimmed it and rooted the cuttings for gifts but I'm hoping someone has an idea.. ANY idea on how to keep this type of Phil under more control or what to do with the trialing.

  • philodendron
    Posted by Elizabeth A. Hornbaker from illinois on 2007-12-09 10:55:00

    One of mine arches over doorways and paintings upstairs. I placed hooks that screw in into the woodwork and the plant covers them up nicely while being supported. They look very nice, giving the room the feel of an arbor!


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