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copper beech and anything green

copper beech and anything green
Posted by Steve from Wollaston from MA on 2001-03-23 21:13:56

Does anybody have any tips on either a
suitable ground cover or how one might
coax grass to grow beneath a very large
(and majestic) copper beech tree. The
tree has an expansive drip line and
from what I understand requires a great
deal from the soil in which it sits.
  • Copper Beech and anything green
    Posted by Donna ( from Kansas on 2006-07-21 12:30:00

    Under most large trees there is an even larger problem getting grass to grow. Mostly because of the shade and the moisture is being stripped from the ground as soon as it rains by the tree itself. You will have to consider this area almost a desert zone. Take some samples of the dirt under the tree to your local University Extension Agents office for analyzation, they can give you an idea of what condition the soil is, they can also point you in the right direction finding the correct grass seed that you will need to plant under the tree. Nonetheless, you may still have to water additionally to keep the grass going. You may consult with an expert tree trimmer who might be able to let some additional sun get through to the ground.
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