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snake plant SKIN RASH

snake plant SKIN RASH
Posted by Anthony from va on 2006-09-25 09:04:00

I went out and bought a snake plant for my first houseplant because all over the internet it says that it is the best houseplant. I now 3 days later have an enormous painful, and major Itchy rash all over my skin!
  • Snake Plant
    Posted by Tina Neiman ( from Colorado on 2006-12-28 11:13:00

    You could possibly be alergic to the plant. (sorry for my spelling) I have never heard of a rash coming from that type of plant prior. My mother had two of these types of plants when I was younger and never receved a rash from it. It is very possible that it is just a reaction to it.
  • Snake Plant Skin Rash
    Posted by Diane from MI on 2006-11-12 12:07:00

    Are you shure it was not somthing in the soil did you get the soil tested or take the plant to a lab and make sure you get a skin test done by a Doctor with the same plant you baught It just could be a chemacl in the soil I'v never heard of this plant giving a rash befor
  • snake plantie mother-in-law tongue
    Posted by Brenda from WV on 2006-10-10 09:44:00

    Hello> Question what websites did you find lot of information on snake plant? I searching for answer to extreme temperature it can tolerane? How cold or how hot can day be before it is damage? I've owned a snake plant for awhile, never had a rash, got my start from a lady that had the plant for six year. Could it be a fungus?

    Brenda Keiffer

    • listen
      Posted by Anthony from va on 2006-12-29 03:42:00

      the plant that I had bought was discounted, it had apparently been used for propagation, several stems had been cut, therefore it had dried up white sap all over it. As soon as I got it home I had used a rag with water to wipe it off really good for ten minutes then I got the rash, the sap is what causes it.
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