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Rubber plant

Rubber plant
Posted by from Oklahoma on 2006-09-09 03:47:00

About a year ago I almost killed my rubber plant I received due to overwatering and lack of sun. I revived it and its doing well but where it lost so many leaves there's not much growing towards the bottom to fill it back in. The new leaves are at the top. Is there a way I can encourage growth at the bottom? I gave it fertilizer a couple of times this summer.
  • Rubber plant
    Posted by Donna from Virginia/Zone 7 on 2006-09-17 03:31:00

    You may like to try air-layering your rubber plant. A very good website showing how to do this is at the Texas Agricultural Extension Service.
    • Bald Bottom Rubber Plant
      Posted by Renee from 6b on 2007-04-30 04:42:00


      What can I say!
      I had the same problem and tried everything including praying over it. Its a wrap. Apparently once the leaves fall out like that they are not replaced. Some say if you pintch from the top it will force the bottom to grow and spread out. Your plant will be short but wide and if you want a tall plant pintch from the bottom and let the top leaves do its thing. This works for roses. Rubber plants I dont know.
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