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Dividing phlox

Dividing phlox
Posted by Joan A Lydon from Pennsylvania on 2006-08-21 10:26:00

Re: PHLOX (tall)

Thank you on your article. I was trying to find out EXACTLY how to divide my 2yr.old. It has had flowers on since spring & I believe it should be "divided".

Thank you in advance,
Joan A. Lydon
  • Phlox
    Posted by Renee from 6b on 2007-04-30 04:48:00

    Maybe you can help me. I purchased this plant from the Home Depot. It came in a bag with peat moss and it looked like a bunch of roots. I was growing it from scratch. I have not seen anything yet and it been a month already. The other plant which were bulbs the Litas is just coming up. Should I be patient and just wait or find another location to plant them? They are in my house/window. I moved my plants out after they have been established.
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