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looking for a poison hemlock plant

looking for a poison hemlock plant
Posted by Lena ( from CA/Pacific on 2006-07-29 12:21:00

I'm studying invasive plant species and I have been trying to find the poison hemlock. I've visited local mountains and haven't been able to find any except ones that are dried up. I was wondering if anyone's seen the poison hemlock in their area? (living ones) If so, please email me -- It would be nice to see up close the plants I'm studying. Thank you.
  • Hemlock
    Posted by Rex Jensen from Utah 7 on 2008-10-21 05:47:00

    I live in zone 7, in southern Utah, about 3300 elevation. I planted a lawn in mid-September and hemlock came up everywhere, it's easily controlled, but it is all over the place here.
  • hemlock
    Posted by Elizabeth A. Hornbaker from illinois on 2007-12-09 11:01:00

    they grow wild throughout Illinois in ditches and moist areas. We have many in our timber alongside the creeks and ponds. Come to Illinois!!

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