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Do Christmas Cactus bloom at times other than Xmas?

Do Christmas Cactus bloom at times other than Xmas?
Posted by Dawn from Minnesota on 2006-07-05 11:12:00

I have had a Christmas cactus for about five years, and it has bloomed only twice since I originally received it. Neither time was during the winter. It is otherwise very healthy. Today, in fact, it just bloomed, and the ends on some of the other leaves are a reddish color. Does that mean it is trying to bloom further? Is there a way to encourage it to do so? I'd appreciate your advice!
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    Posted by Joyce from Washington/8 on 2006-12-23 02:18:00

    I have a Christmas Cactus that has bloomed in Feb., Sept., and Nov. on different parts of the plant. This year though, it bloomed in December all over the entire plant.
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      Posted by "Sunshine" from KY/6 on 2007-02-19 01:13:00

      I just received a Christmas cactus from my mom just a few days before this last Christmas. It bloomed around Christmas on the side of the plant that faced the window. I turned it around so the flowers could be admired. By the time THOSE flowers fell off, the opposite side of the plant (which was now facing the window) had started to grow tiny flower buds. They bloomed around Feb. 9, 2007. My mom told me to simply turn the plant around whenever it blooms, so that the non-blooming side will get more sun and the blooming side can be admired.
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