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Posted by Tom Dix from SC on 2001-03-23 17:14:30

Does anyone know the N-P-K values for
goat manure?
  • NPK
    Posted by Kimm from Mi on 2001-03-23 17:15:33

    Quoting Tom Dix: ------------
    -Does anyone know the N-P-K values for
    -goat manure?

    That would depend on a number of
    factors mostly what they are fed, but
    generally it would be about the same as
    sheep manure, 0.7, 0.3, 0.9, although
    I've seen some reports of 2.0, 2.0,
    1.0. Keep in mind that these
    are "readily available" or soluble
    nutrients and as your soil bacteria
    digest the stuff may be better.
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