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potted plants

potted plants
Posted by Sandy Maher from Ohio on 2006-06-17 01:16:00

Where does the dirt go? I have plants that have been growing just fine for years and one day you notice the dirt is missing...not like the cat dug it out, but just not full like it was last year. And this is long past the first days when it is settleing and compacting.
  • potted plants
    Posted by Dee from NC on 2007-05-29 05:13:00

    The soil does shrink over the years, and it gets "tired". Repot plants after a couple of years. Also, salts build up on thde top of the soil, so between changing the soil, make sure you "flush" the salts aout, but rinning water thru it and water coming out from the bottom. :D Hope this helps!
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