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Help! What are these plants?

Help! What are these plants?
Posted by shutterbugmom from NC on 2006-06-13 04:37:00

And how do I care for them? This arrangement was given to me by my daughter's teacher. I have a brown thumb. How do I keep them alive? They already look like they are dying.
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    Posted by andi from B.C. Canada on 2006-06-14 07:19:00

    Hi there,
    This is an outdoor planter. It looks like most of the plants are just summer annuals, meaning that they will only grow throughout the summer and then die when the frost hits them. You can try to grow the coleus (the red and coloured leafed ones) inside, but they tend to get quite leggy. Coleus is more of a shade plant, but now the newer varieties seem to do quite well in the sun. The Verbena (the green leafed plant with the small pink flowers in the top middle) is a full sun plant. I would put this planter outside and enjoy it for the season. Hope this helps you, Andi
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