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Posted by Ricky Chopra from UK on 2006-05-30 11:07:00


Hydroponics? Simply ‘Gardening without soil’. Hydroponics offers home gardeners and those new to gardening, a clean, efficient and convenient way to grow plants. No soil. No mess. You can even grow more in less space and less time!

Strange you may think – no soil. Yet, the commercial hydroponics growing of food and flowers has been going on for years. In fact, most of the fruit, vegetables and flowers available on the high street today have been grown hydroponically.

In the US hydroponics (AKA hobby growing or indoor growing) has become a national pastime and a mass market has developed; hydroponics kits can even be found as educational toys on the shelves of Toys R Us. And now hydroponics is now becoming increasingly popular with the UK hobby gardener wanting to grow tomatoes and bananas in the green house or chillies and herbs in the conservatory!

Aquaculture, one of the UK’s leading hydroponics equipment suppliers, has a passion for hydroponics - and a mission to bring the benefit of hydroponics gardening to even more homes. One way Aquaculture aims to raise the profile of hydroponics is through their sponsorship of a large specimen vegetable champion grower’s attempt to grow the World’s biggest onion. They have also set up a website,, offering a wide range of hydroponics products – suitable for beginner and pro. The Aquaculture site contains lots of helpful info on hydroponics and is definitely worth a look. But here we explain the basics.

Firstly, you’re probably thinking how can hydroponics deliver so much? Well, as you may be aware, all plants have the same basic needs to grow strong and healthy – nutrients, light carbon dioxide, water, heat and fresh air (oxygen). While all of these ingredients are needed, some are more important than others and will affect the growth rate of your plants differently. When growing in soil, you have very little control over these ingredients, but with hydroponics, you’re much more in control….

With hydroponics, you use a hydroponics growing media, such as Rockwool or clay pebbles to support your plants to ensure they grow strong and healthy. Hydroponics media contains little or no nutrients. It is therefore up to you, the hydroponics grower, to provide your plants with what they need via a hydroponics nutrient and water. The benefit of this is that you can provide your plants with precise minerals during each different growth stage – this helps you to get the best out of your plants! Too keep things simple for you, most hydroponics nutrients on the market take this into account.

Light is another crucial ingredient for plant growth. Generally, the more light your plants have access to, the quicker they’ll grow and yield. However, your plants require a different amount of light during their lifecycle. Again, as with most crucial plant ingredients, hydroponics give you greater control over how your plants receive light. you’re growing indoors and using. This is because your using a hydroponics grow light – or artifical light.

As well as having great control over light and nutrients, there are also a number of products on the market that allow you tight control of the other growing factors mentioned earlier - heat, oxygen and carbon dioxide. If you’re a beginner, one of the Aquaculture starter kits is ideal. Not only do the kits contain everything you need to grow your favourite plants, they come complete with full instructions – and Aquaculture are always willing to offer you any advice and assistance.

We hope this information has been useful. If you require more information on hydroponics please visit our hydroponic information section. You can also email us at or call us on 0845 130 2878.


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