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Phal Orchid in bloom

Phal Orchid in bloom
Posted by Veronica from Maryland on 2006-05-26 03:48:00

Hello, I bought a phal orchid 3 months ago at the grocery store, it had few flowers, like 4 and a long flower spike, when I brought it home I placed it near a south facing window next to my african violets and the orchid loved it, it started to develop more flowers and also two new smaller flower speikes from the main one, as a result my orchid has 20 flowers all beautiful and it has been blooming for 3 months, now it is developing a new leaf, but my concern is that how long am I suppossed to let it bloom? I am concern that the plant won't have enough energy to bloom for the second time later in the year if I let her go with these blooms, on the other hand I do not have the heart to cut these beutiful flowers, what should I do? should I let it be and do not worry about later?
I will be grateful for your help.
  • Phal Orhid in bloom
    Posted by Donna from Virginia/Zone 7 on 2006-09-17 03:14:00

    American Orchid Society culture sheet on Phalaenopsis orchid:

    other sites on phal orchids:
  • phal orchid
    Posted by andi from B.C. Canada on 2006-05-29 05:50:00

    I'd say your orchid loves where it is! Sounds like it's doing great. when the last flower has died on the spike, count from the base of the spike, up to the 3rd node. Then cut about an inch above the 3rd node. Hope this help you.
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