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Don't have a Green thumb yet! HELP!

Don't have a Green thumb yet! HELP!
Posted by Ralphy from New York City on 2006-05-09 09:05:00

Hi Idon't ahve a green thumb but I managed to grow 3 plants.

1. Philodendron "Micas" I have her hanging in a medium size plastic pot by the window where It gets direct sunlight. the stems are getting longer everyday. What should I do to make her look healthier and grow bigger?

2. Plam "Neanthe Bella" Chamaedorea Elegans
I just purchsed this plant she's in a larger size plastic pot. Will this plant grown taller with time? or is a miniture version of there is such a thing on this plant.

3. Croton "Combo" Codiaeum this plant is in the same size pot as #2 but it's not growing and expanding like i thought it would. What should I do?

Thank you
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    Posted by Will Creed from NYC on 2006-05-17 08:20:00

    Hi Ralphy,

    I am not sure what your concern is with your Philodendron. Can you email me a photo?

    Neanthe bellas rarely grow to more then 3-4 feet when potted.

    Crotons are slow growers and they tend to grow in spurts. They require lots of light, tight pots, and moist soil.

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