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Wandering Jew plant

Wandering Jew plant
Posted by Wanda Morrison from West Virginia on 2006-05-08 11:28:00

I would like to know how to root a wandering Jew plant?
  • wandering jew
    Posted by Lillian Wiley from TX on 2006-05-13 07:53:00

    That is the easiest thing to do. Just stick a piece in water and wait. Do replace the water every few days to keep it fresh. I have some in the ground and accidently broke a piece, so I put it in a glass in my kitchen window. Before long it had plenty of roots and I put it in a pot with some other plants...looks great. You can even keep it in the water forever if you want to, just like ivy. To make the most of your cuttings you can cut them in two or three inch pieces off one stem.
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