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House Bamboo

House Bamboo
Posted by Michael F from Fl on 2006-04-08 03:51:00

How do I grow bamboo inside my house.
  • Growing Bamboo Indoors
    Posted by kimmie haworth ( from Northern Califo on 2006-04-10 04:30:00

    Bamboo should be planted in large, 14” or bigger, pots. Set against a window or a bright wall, these plants make a striking design statement. Although they grow quickly, you can restrain them somewhat by keeping them pot bound. You can also control the growth by restricting the fertilizer. Since bamboo is related to grass, it relies on heavy doses of nitrogen to keep it growing lush and rampant. By using an organic fertilizer lower in nitrogen, such as cotton seed meal or fish emulsion, you provide the plant with the nutrients it requires while slowing it’s growth.
    Interesting fact; The stems of bamboo are called culms. New culms emerge from the soil with the same diameter they will have when they are fully grown. If you cut out the largest culms when the emerge, you will cultivate only the smaller stems, thus inhibiting the size of the plant even further.
    All bamboos drop their old leaves as new leaves are forming. This is the messy season, depending on which type of bamboo you choose. Clumping types loose their leaves in the summer, or whenever the plants are watered after a long dry spell. Running types of bamboo usually drop their old leaves in the spring. If you don’t like the mess during the leaf drop season, set the plants outside, if the weather allows.
    Select from among the smaller growing varieties for indoor cultivation. Here are a few to ask for at your nursery;
    Mexican Weeping bamboo grows to 8 feet
    Marbled bamboo grows to 2 - 4 feet
    Big-leaved bamboo 1 - 2 feet
    Dwarf whitestripe bamboo 1 - 2 feet
    • Growing bamboo
      Posted by Sherry McMahon from Washington, DC on 2006-11-12 04:15:00

      I am interested in growing bamboo indoors. A business down the block has set some of their excess at the curb, and would not mind if I helped myself to some. Do you know the best way to "start" a bamboo plan? Should I cut above ground or dig for the culm mentioned in your posting? Thank you. Sherry McMahon
    • growing bamboo in water
      Posted by Simona Lakner from Maryland on 2006-08-20 10:22:00

      I have 3 very beautifull "branches" of large bamboo , that I have bee growing in a tall clear vase with water which I replenish as it evaporates. Latly my water is forming a fungus, yellow like on the surface of the water, and although I washed the roots and changed the water it still forms. My bamboo does not look happy, kind of droopy,pale and SAD.
      Can you help me?

      Growing bamboo in water

      • bamboo indoors
        Posted by kimmie haworth from CA on 2006-08-20 12:17:00

        Try using 1/2 cup of 7Up or lemon lime soda in the water. The lemon will inhibit the growth of fungus while the sugar will feed the bamboo. Once the fungus is cleared up, use only 1 tablespoon of soda in the water and change it once every two weeks.

        • bamboo
          Posted by jan from missouri on 2007-10-06 11:54:00

          my best friend loves bamboo ,hers died so i got her a new one well this one is in jell does she still add water ????
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