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Posted by Anne ( from NJ Zone 6 on 2006-04-02 06:08:00

My large white poinsetta from Christmas has some brown spots here and there.The plant is otherwise healthy.Could this be a fungus? Thanks
  • Poinsettia
    Posted by kimmie haworth ( from Northern Califo on 2006-04-10 04:34:00

    Indeed it could be a fungus disease, especially if you mist the plant or water overhead. Fungal spots can usually be identified by a circular center, rather like a doughnut shape. Provide air circulation, try not to get the foliage wet and bless you for still keeping this fussy plant alive! Provide poinsettias with the humidiy they need by placing gravel in the saucer below the plant. The standing water will evaporate and provide much needed humidity.
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