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Newbie to growing plants...Need some help.

Newbie to growing plants...Need some help.
Posted by Steph in Suffolk from Suffolk County( on 2006-03-20 11:08:00

I am trying to grow some plants from seeds indoors (Stock, Scarlet Runner Bean, German Chamomile, Larkspur, and Four O'Clocks). I'm a little worried that it is too late to plant the seeds and actually have them grow, but I was wondering if since they are indoor plants if that actually makes a difference as long as I put them away from natural light during germination.
Steph :)
  • Success!
    Posted by Emme from PA on 2006-04-21 09:58:00

    My dad and I are newbies too. We started indoors this year and have had a ton of success. We now have over 300 seedlings in the basement! The only one you listed that we have are the Four O'Clocks. Ours came up in a few days and grew FAST! We put the seeds in 3 weeks ago and they're about 6 inches tall already.

    We used some starting mix and added some miracle grow to the water. We keep a flourscent light. Just don't keep your lights too closely, or they'll burn the leaves.

    Have Fun!
  • Newbie to growing
    Posted by kimmie haworth ( from northern Califo on 2006-04-10 04:49:00

    Congratulations and welcome to the rewarding, and sometimes frustrating, world of gardening. You are not too early to plant any of these from seed. As a matter of fact, the summer annuals should not be set outdoors until the soil is warm to the touch. One thing they all have in common is that they will not do well indoors. I think it has to do with air circulation and length of daylight on the leaves, but whatever the reason, it is very difficult to grow outside plants indoors, except to get them started from seed. You will have much better luck if you follow the instructions on the seed packets and plant everything outside, once the weather allows.
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