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One nasty pest after another

One nasty pest after another
Posted by Antonio from nm on 2001-03-22 02:11:10

I got rid of the spider mites, now I
have a severe case of fungus nats. I had
a full folage flowering inch plant. I
was doing my usual dead leaf clean up
and found too many dead leaves. On
closer inspection i found what looked
like fungus,so I picked it off. Just out
of curiosity I took it out of its pot
and I found loads more little white eggs
and flies of some ssort I beleive to be
fungis nats, I did not find any larvae.
The eggs I wiped as many off as
possible. That was not successful. Have
any organic tips, Will? ps the pepper
wax worked. I had a relative send me
some because I could not find a
distributer in my would be
  • fungus gnats
    Posted by Will Creed from NYC on 2001-03-23 17:22:16

    Fungus gnat larvae thrive in soil that
    is kept constantly moist. If you
    suspect gnats, try letting the soil
    become drier. The gnat larvae live in
    the upper layer of soil, so you may
    want to consider removing all loose
    soil on the surface and then adding a
    layer of sand or diatomaceaous earth on

    That said, I'm not sure you have fungus
    gnats. Can you describe the "fungus"
    that you saw? The "eggs" that you saw
    may be fertilizer pellets or pieces of
    perlite. Where are you seeing
    the "flies"?

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