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Getting rid of Blackberry Bushes

Getting rid of Blackberry Bushes
Posted by Kristen Scott from Oregon on 2001-03-21 18:49:48

I live in Portland ,Oregon on .75
acres, which is covered by thorny
blackberry bushes. These bushes have
been out of control for the last
decade, my neighbors area is covered as
well. The land is on a slope in an
enviromental zone that runs into a
small stream. How can I get rid of
these nasty bushes? And please
recommend a new ground cover that is
conducive to rain and shade that will
take over these blackberry bushes.
Ferns and ivy are mixed in with the
blackberries. Any advice would be
greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
K.S. Portland,Or
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    Posted by Jeff from OH 6 on 2001-03-23 08:14:37

    Use of chemical products is not your
    best option for this time of year nor
    will it solve the problem of disposal.

    The way I see taking care of this
    problem is getting in there with long
    handel pruners/ lopers and start cutting
    the canes down. A chemical will kill
    the plant but it will not remove the
    cane. Either way you or some one you
    hire will have to pull these thorny
    canes out is you want them removed.
    After that you will have to decide how
    to dispose of them... Burn, compost,
    trash etc.

    I would start befor the plants come out
    of winter dormancy if not too late.
    then come back in June to cut the primo
    canes that will grow up. By next year
    if you cut the primo canes you should
    not have the problem. Although a few
    root may survive and put up new shoots.

    • getting rid of blackberry bushes
      Posted by Carmen Rossdeutscher from BC Canada on 2008-05-22 05:08:00

      Are the use of flamers effective in getting rid of invasive blackberry bushes?
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