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growing shamrock plants under grow light
Nanci, from Minnesota (Feb 21)
No replies.

Seed starting cups from newspaper
Sue, from AL - 8A (Feb 18)
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Red pepper plant
Antonina Mally, from Antonina7@comca (Feb 18)
No replies.

What is this plant?
jAMIE, from va (Feb 17)
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large aloe broke off at ground level..what to do?
Doug, from Texas (Feb 15)
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Help with Chlorophitum and Fungus?
Richard, from Colorado (Feb 07)
No replies.

indoor norfolk pine
Chris Epperley, from 7 (Feb 04)
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Kathy, from Kansas (Jan 20)
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Repoting African Violets
Connie Hawsey, from Tennesee (Jan 20)
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Bolivian Jew
Amy, from Texas (Jan 20)
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Dwarf Citrus
Larry G, from Il/5 (Jan 16)
No replies.

Dwarf Citrus
Larry G, from Illinois (Jan 16)
No replies.

White fuzzy dots on indoor palm
Maria, from IL (Jan 12)
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Not sure what type of plant I have
Shontel Ruiz, from washington d.c. (Jan 08)
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My Friends Rhoeo is dying!
Stacy, from Kansas (Jan 06)
No replies.

SARA, from MISSOURI (Dec 22)
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Kalmia latifolia ‘Elf’
Danielle, from MI (Dec 03)
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Gale, from GA (Nov 22)
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GRACE, from KENTUCKY (Nov 21)
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mouse proofing an indoor garden
Bryan, from NJ (Nov 21)
No replies.

repotting a 4 foot high aloe plant
Michele, from British Colunbi (Nov 12)
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Watering Can Rose Spout
Marc, from New York (Nov 01)
No replies.

growing Amaryllis from seed
Lewis Holland, from Maine (Oct 23)
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Something is eating my plant
Kelly Jo, from Wisconsin (Oct 22)
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Help! Dragon Tree disease problem
Kristyn, from MA (Oct 21)
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