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Plant Rooters
Jennifer, from NH (Apr 09)
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Seedlings and fungus/mold?
Arianne, from Massachusetts (Apr 04)
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fungus gnats in Orchids
Georgia N., from MD (Mar 30)
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indoor to outdoor
donna jaha, from louisville, ky. (Mar 28)
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Terri, from Maryland (Mar 13)
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Massangeana Cane
Nefertiti, from FL (Mar 03)
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Japanese Beetles!!!!
"Sunshine", from KY/6 (Feb 19)
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Help Identifying a Plant
K P Miller, from Massachusetts (Feb 16)
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Phormium Splitting
Joanne, from UK (Feb 16)
No replies.

vegetable seeds for Haiti
Brenda Cooper, from GA (Jan 25)
No replies.

my cactus needs help!
jacinto, from CA (Jan 23)
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Desperate - What house plants propogate easily
Barbara Calfee, Willoughby OH (On Lake Erie), from OH Zone 5 (Jan 14)
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Office plant - dying with flies!
Ben, from London, England (Jan 10)
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Soda: Good or bad for plants?
Tina Neiman, from Colorado (Dec 28)
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Schefflera Orboricola
Wanda, from NC zone 8 (Dec 19)
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Philodendron taking over the house!
Christine, from MA (Dec 04)
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Lime tree leaves curling
Trey, from Maryland (Nov 20)
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Urban/Household Garden...
Matt Moran, from Cave Creek, AZ (Nov 17)
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Avocado Plant
Edie, from Pennsylvania (Oct 29)
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Growing Lily of the Valleys indoors
Julie, from FL (Oct 23)
No replies.

Care of snake plant
Brenda, from WV 3 (Oct 10)
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i don't know what this beast is.
pHrankie, from Michigan (Oct 06)
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snake plant SKIN RASH
Anthony, from va (Sep 25)
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Karan, from ME (Sep 22)
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Rubber plant, from Oklahoma (Sep 09)
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