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Will, from CO/5B (Mar 07)
No replies.

stone planter,stone fountains
vikrant, from rajasthan (Mar 01)
No replies.

looking for used greenhouse
libby seitz, from OHIO (Feb 24)
No replies.

Spider Plant
Brian, from MN (Feb 09)
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Jeannie, from Lyons,Il (Jan 12)
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worlds unique granite floating sphere fountains,rolling ball fountain
vikrant, from rajasthan (Jan 11)
No replies.

great resource
terry snowman, from maine (Dec 10)
No replies.

african violets
Elizabeth A. Hornbaker, from illinois (Dec 07)
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Greenhouse shelving
mark galipeau, from California (Dec 07)
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Rubber Tree, How to get another stem?
Christie, from NY (Nov 27)
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Massangeana Cane
pat`, from md (Nov 24)
No replies.

grow kit/ starting seeds indoors
Ashley, from Colorado (Nov 23)
No replies.

ponytail palm too tall
Todd, from md (Nov 14)
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anyone have success with bringing these plants inside before frost?
Ginapippa, from North Carolina, (Nov 07)
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Trying to find a plant
Ronda, from NC 7b (Oct 12)
No replies.

coffee grinds and egg shells
x, from tx/8 (Oct 08)
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Indoor Gardening Book - Plants and flower arrangements
Daniel, from CA - 10 (Oct 08)
No replies.

wilson, from missouri (Oct 07)
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Gardenia Plant
Tess, from IL (Oct 07)
No replies.

low light plants
Mike, from virginia (Sep 24)
No replies.

Boston fern - from outdoors to in?
Shirley, from northeast Flori (Sep 16)
No replies.

Schefflera sap problem
Carol Scheufler, from Georgia (Sep 09)
No replies.

Want to meet a garden gnome?
Tuinkabouter, from 8b, The Netherl (Aug 30)
No replies.

Trying to ID a plant
Joey Wilbourn, from Ca (Aug 05)
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Baby Oil on Plants
Lizzabella, from Indiana (Jul 29)
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