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houseplants for dummies plant ID
kira, from Ohio (Aug 22)
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RootingGolden Pothos
Tonya, from MS (Aug 19)
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dying vine
Bobbi-Jo, from CT (Aug 02)
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Propagating a Cotoneaster
Melody, from Canada (Jul 27)
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Dividing Hydrangea???????
Kristi, from Ky/6 (Jul 23)
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plant name
jodi, from ky (Jul 19)
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plant as wedding favor
L Young, from Florida (Jul 19)
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Help, dying office plant??
Jodi, from Northern Kentuc (Jul 18)
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Trailing African Violet problem
Alison, from Pennsylvania (Jul 17)
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Indoor Plants
Pat Hood, from Ontario (Jul 16)
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adding lime to soil
Diana Sims, from Missouri (Jul 15)
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When to move seedlings
Colleen S, from Southern Alabam (Jul 14)
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dividing ferns
tina, from wisconsin (Jul 14)
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Tested well water
Diana Sims, from Missouri (Jul 13)
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Carolyn, from Georgia (Jul 13)
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Fungus on my Ficus
Isabella, from Southern Califo (Jul 09)
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How to have soil and well water tested
Diana Sims, from Missouri (Jul 02)
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well water
Diana Sims, from Missouri/5 (Jul 01)
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Small Bugs
Paul Spagnotti, from Upper Michigan (Jun 29)
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crown of thorns
Melissa, from Mendenhall, Mis (Jun 27)
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Thrips on Ponytail Palm
Annie, from VT (Jun 25)
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Seed Swap -- I deleted some by mistake
Barbara Richardson, NGA, from VT (Jun 25)
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Unknwn Home Depot Plant/tree
Massimo, from New York, NY (Jun 20)
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Malagen-pink ???
susan Curran, from MA (Jun 16)
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