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african violet problem
H. Wyatt, from 45701 (Jan 19)
No replies.

dwarf tangerine tree
Rich Carpenter, from se PA (Jan 09)
No replies.

starting seedling for school project
alisa, from CA (Dec 30)
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Jeanette Smith, from Pacific NW, Was (Dec 19)
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accident when transplanting rooted cutting
Breezy, from california (Dec 11)
No replies.

Peggy ODonnell, from New Jersey (Dec 10)
No replies.

growing royal empress trees
Adolph Paiz, from ca. 10 (Nov 12)
No replies.

peace lily care
Melissa M, from tx (Oct 05)
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Yellowing leaves on bamboo
Gardener1, from NY (Sep 28)
No replies.

Grow Lights for Flowers (Indoor Gardening)
Cyndi, from WI 4-5 (Sep 18)
No replies.

Free Plant Exchange Oct 4 12-4 pm
Plant Exchange, from SF Bay Area/CA (Sep 07)
No replies.

Tony C, from PA (Aug 28)
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Artificial Plants and Silk Trees
Brett Peterson, from MN (Aug 26)
No replies.

What vegetbles could I grow in the fall/winter
Kristen K, from Pittsburgh, PA (Aug 18)
No replies.

Indoor garding/greenhouse
Laura Henderson, from Nevada-Clark Co (Aug 16)
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Woody Stemmed Plants
Sharyn Shumel, from NY (Aug 15)
No replies.

Organic Meyer Lemon Tree
Cathy, from Maryland (Aug 13)
No replies.

Indoor houseplants, from Texas (Aug 01)
No replies.

Russian medicines 1(866)892-6137
david, from NY (Aug 01)
No replies.

Aloe with long neck
Shannon, from New Jersey (Jul 02)
No replies.

sticky leaves on kalanchoe
sue, from NY (Jun 09)
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gardenias (veitchi)
jacob tomassian, from california, zon (Apr 26)
No replies.

Jade plant
Shirley, from Illinois/5 (Apr 15)
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Dumb Cane
Carol, from VA ZONE 7 (Mar 30)
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malik shahin, from UAE (Mar 12)
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