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Design Project
Paul Gillam, from Nottingham, UK (Feb 04)
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low growing perennials in a raised bed
chaike Levine, from CA Zone 9/21 (Feb 03)
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Just starting out
Christine, from California, Zon (Jan 31)
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bean beetle
lori, from iowa (Jan 29)
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walnut trees being poisons to plants
Carolyn, from Canada (Jan 28)
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Composting materials
Barbara, from Virginia/ mid e (Jan 28)
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mexican bean beetle
lori, from iowa (Jan 27)
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Santa-Rita or Purple Prickly Pear cactus
Jennifer, from North Carolina (Jan 27)
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need ideas for step area
dani, from south (Jan 26)
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which shrub/bush is good for all year round?
nancy, from new york/zone 7 (Jan 17)
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back yard holds water
tineka, from michigan (Jan 15)
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getting rid of grass
ann, from minnesota / 4 (Jan 14)
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Denise, from Wi (Jan 14)
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JEAN, from Namibia - Afric (Jan 13)
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Kim, from Ohio (Apr 18)
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Rose Bushes have pests
Kathy Martin, from CA/LA (Apr 18)
No replies.

tracy fedorak, from alberta (Apr 18)
No replies.

joe d., from al (Apr 17)
No replies.

Birds eating my young vegetable plants
Sema, from CA (Apr 17)
No replies.

Ants in Compost
Jamie, from TX./7 (Apr 17)
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mum bush has bugs!
Theresa, from north carolina/ (Apr 17)
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Carpenter Ants
karen, from MA zone 6 (Apr 17)
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Michael Rosenbaum, from NY (Apr 17)
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why not ground leaves?
Helen, from N. Virginia (Apr 16)
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Seeking websites
philr, from NY (Apr 16)
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