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Flower Beds & Weeds
Lori-b, from Florida (Oct 21)
No replies.

Virginia Van Meter, from Arkansas (Oct 18)
No replies.

window boxes
Regina Sargent, from ME 04847 (Oct 17)
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Jason, from VT (Oct 17)
No replies.

Hydrangea in a large pot
m. edelman, from Idaho (Oct 13)
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how to winterover hibiscus, gardenia & passion flower
Sally, from Ohio (Oct 13)
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Fruit Trees
KimmSr, from MI-4a/5b (Oct 12)
No replies.

Tree that produces nuts
Jenn, from florida (Oct 12)
No replies.

What kind of Lily is this
Mick Klass, from Washington (Oct 07)
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Jason, from VT (Oct 06)
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White Fall Flower ID
David, from PA/zone5 (Oct 05)
No replies.

Error on server
KimmSr, from MI-4a/5b (Sep 30)
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Paeonia Ludlowii 'Lutea'
Jeff, from B.C. Canada (Sep 28)
No replies.

Fruit trees
Jesse Andrews, from Arizona (Sep 26)
No replies.

Norma Shelton, from DE zone 7 (Sep 26)
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Hibiscus seeds
Margaret, from Missouri (Sep 25)
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saving sunflower heads for seed
Pat, from Chambersburg, P (Sep 23)
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Margo Tritt, from Indiana zone 5 (Sep 16)
No replies.

FlowerPower Fundraising
Susan, from NC (Sep 15)
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Wind damage to butterfly "tree"
Lolly, from RI/6 (Sep 15)
No replies.

liza adkison, from florida (Sep 13)
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Free Plant Exchange Oct 4 12-4 pm
Lakeshore Avenue Plant Exchange, from SF Bay Area/CA (Sep 07)
No replies.

When to plant evergreen shrubs
Connie, from conniephillips@ (Sep 02)
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Out of control landscaping
Virginia, from North Carolina (Sep 01)
No replies.

lilac tree replanting
jeanne, from ma (Aug 31)
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