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Road side planting
slywlf, from NY zone 5 (Aug 20)
No replies.

Interactive USDA Hardiness Zone Map
Pete, from Georgia/Zone 7B (Aug 13)
No replies.

LISA, from SFV, CA (Aug 10)
No replies.

pruning trumpet vine in denver co
hjoan chiang, from colorado (Aug 10)
No replies.

Concrete Urns
June, from Knoxville, TN (Aug 05)
No replies.

Blanket Flower
Shelley UpChurch, from Oregon/Central (Aug 02)
No replies.

Karen, from Oregon (Aug 01)
No replies.

Passion flower
Janice Craven, from Louisiana - 8B (Jul 31)
No replies.

Ornamental Plants
Eugene Strickand, from New York, New Y (Jul 29)
No replies.

Jason, from VT (Jul 24)
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Jason Yonan, from VT (Jul 24)
No replies.

tree planting
Glenn, from New York (Jul 19)
No replies.

covering tree roots
Greg Roth, from Wa zone 7 (Jul 19)
No replies.

Tiny black specks on petunias and geraniums
Patsy, from New York (Jul 17)
No replies.

Mature Rose Bushes "Resurrection"
Daniel Penick, from New Mexico/5 (Jul 15)
No replies.

about "princess trees"
missy ramey, from georgia (Jul 13)
No replies.

trumpet vine will not flower
Colleen, from Southeast PA (Jul 11)
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Flower Gardens
Ruth, from PA (Jul 09)
No replies.

trees that like lots of water/grow near streams/rivers at high elevation
John, from Utah Zone 4 or (Jul 07)
No replies.

Any ideas for a few types of plants
Amy, from PA (Jul 07)
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oranges not ripening on tree
Katherine, from California / zo (Jul 07)
No replies.

Tree ID please
Jason W, from California (Jul 07)
No replies.

day lillies/changing color
Barb, from Ohio (Jul 06)
No replies.

julie mazzone, from east hampton, c (Jul 03)
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marigolds are being eaten by pill bugs
Ken, from NM (Jul 03)
No replies.

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