NGA Articles: Summer's Bad Guys

Summer's Bad Guys (cont)

By: Charlie Nardozzi

Beneficial Insects and the Pests They Control

Beneficial Insect Preferred Pest
Aphid parasite (Aphidius clemani) Aphids
Bean beetle parasite (Pediobius foveolatus) Mexican bean beetle
Decollate snail (Rumina decollata) Brown garden snail (not slugs)
Green lacewings (Chysoperia rufilabris) Aphids, mites, and soft-bodied insects
Ladybugs (Hippodamia convergens) Aphids, mites, and soft-bodied insects
Lygus bug parasite (Anaphes iole) Tarnished plant bug
Mealybug destroyer (Cryptolaemus montrouzieri) Mealybugs
Predatorial mites (various species) Spider mites
Thrips predator (Amblysecius cucumeris) Thrips
Scale parasite (Metaphycus helvolus) Soft-shelled scale
Trichogramma wasps (T. pretiosum, T. minutum, T. platneri) Many caterpillars
Whitefly parasite (Encarsia formosa) Whiteflies

Charlie Nardozzi is a senior horticulturist at National Gardening.

Photography by Suzanne DeJohn & National Gardening Association.

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