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Growing Wild Greens (cont)

By: National Gardening Association Editors

Curlicress or Peppergrass

This zesty, fast-growing green is low to the ground, frizzy and adds a curly look to the salad garden. It's often advertised as the plant you can start harvesting in seven to 10 days.

Curlicress will grow just about anywhere. Probably the best place for it would be in an indoor flat near the kitchen where you could snip leaves anytime for garnishing salads or sandwiches.

Chew a few leaves before you decide to use a lot of it in any one dish, though. Curlicress has a fiery taste.

Plant it in short, wide rows early in the year and add more seeds every couple of weeks. Harvest early because it will produce little flower stalks in a month or so and the quality of the sprigs will go down.

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