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Watering Wisdom (cont)

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Make Watering Convenient

Water is vital to plants, but taking time out of a busy day to water the garden can be difficult. Set up a system that makes it easy for you. For example, run separate hoses to different parts of the garden, so you don't have to lug them around. Set up a soaker hose or sprinkler on an automated timer. Attach quick-release hose connectors and shut-off valves to avoid trips back to the tap. Use a watering wand that can be adjusted to apply a gentle shower to plants and a stronger stream to hose off containers. Use self-watering containers to prolong the time between waterings. Use a decorative hose reel, bowl, or holder so you can store your hoses close to your gardens.


  • Choose the proper plant for the location. Avoid putting plants that need moist soil in a parched area where you'll need to water them frequently. There are many drought-tolerant plants that would better suit that spot.
  • Choose plants that are native to your region. They will be adapted to your area's climate and may be able to withstand your region's normal dry spells better than non-natives.
  • Water your lawn and garden before plants show signs of wilting. Wilting stresses plants and may cause flower to drop; repeated wilting can stunt plants.
  • Use a tower-mounted sprinkler to water vegetable and flower gardens containing tall plants that may otherwise block the spray.

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