NGA Articles: Second Harvest

Second Harvest (cont)

By: Charlie Nardozzi

Question of the Week

Q. My cherry tomatoes have black spots on yellow lower leaves, and it seems to be spreading upwards onto other leaves. Is there any way to salvage these plants?

A. It sounds like you have a leaf blight disease, such as early blight. The symptoms of leaf blights and leaf spots on tomatoes are very similar. Typically the lower leaves yellow and have black spots. Eventually the leaves die, and this fungal disease spreads up the entire plant. It's usually more common during warm, wet weather.

To control it, pick off and destroy all diseased foliage, rotate the area where you plant crops each season, mulch tomato seedlings with plastic, hay, or straw after planting, and be careful not to splash the fungal spores from the soil onto the plant when watering. As a last resort, if the conditions are severe, spray a preventive fungicide, such as copper, on the remaining healthy foliage.

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