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Butterfly Garden (cont)

By: Molly Dean

Butterfly Plants Especially For the North and West

Here are nine other "butterfly" plants recommended by Dr. Art Shapiro, a lepidopterist at the University of California at Davis and a lifelong butterfly gardener.

Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis): summer-blooming shrub that bears ball-like clusters of 1-inch white flowers; prefers a moist location; 5 to 6 feet in height; hardy to -20°F.

Escallonia Escallonia virgata: salt- and wind-tolerant everg shrub that bears pale rose or white blossoms in late fall or winter; very popular in California; to 6 feet in height; hardy to 15°F.

Germander (Teucrium chamaedrys): drought-tolerant evergreen shrub; good for edging or low, clipped hedge; bears red, purple or white flowers in summer; to 1 foot in height; hardy to -10°F.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera): a large genus of vigorous spring-blooming shrubs that bear sweetly scented flowers in white, pink or yellow, as well as colorful berries; 5 to 15 feet in height; hardy to -40°F.

Lantana (Lantana camara): a fast-growing, profuse bloomer grown outdoors year-round in the South and California, elsewhere grown as an annual; blossoms start yellow, turn to orange and red; to 4 feet in height; hardy to 20°F.

Lavender (Lavandula): a good drought-tolerant hedge or edging with narrow leaves and dense clusters of purple flowers; blooms in summer (and through the winter in mild climates); 1 to 3 feet in height; hardy to 20°F.

Lilac (Syringa vulgaris): the common species of this spring-blooming shrub is an old favorite in the North for its fragrant blossom clusters in white, pink, blue or purple; 10 to 15 feet in height; hardy to -40°F.

Privet (Ligustrum): drought- and wind-tolerant hedge plant with glossy green leaves that bears small white flowers in spring; the waxleaf or Japanese privet (L. japonicum) is especially recommended for California; 5 to 15 feet in height; hardy to -40°F.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus): upright evergreen shrub that's also cultivated as a culinary herb; bears pale blue flowers in fall (and through the winter in mild climates); requires well-drained soil; to 6 feet in height; hardy to 0°F.

Molly Dean's butterfly garden is at her home in Clayton, Georgia.

Photography by Suzanne DeJohn/National Gardening Association

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