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A Calendar of Carrots (cont)

By: National Gardening Association Editors

Late Season (early to midsummer sowing for late fall to winter harvest or storage)

'Artist' (65 days): 7- to 8-inch Nantes type; flavor best when sown in early summer and harvested in fall; fresh eating and storage. Scored highly with NG testers in 1993.

'Camberley' (74 days): 6 inch Danvers hybrid; good for heavy soils; holds well in the ground.

'Fakkel' (90 days): 8- to 10-inch Danvers type; maintains eating quality in the ground and in storage into March and good for juicing.

'Merida' (75 days): 6- to 8-inch Nantes type; excellent for fall planting and spring harvest in the Northwest. Scored highly with NG testers in 1992.

'Rumba' (72 days): 6- to 7-inch Nantes type that matures slowly and resists oversizing; recommended for fall harvest (tops hold up well in frosty fall weather) and storage; adapted to a wide range of soil types.

'Scarlet Keeper' (85 days): 7- to 8-inch Danvers that's good for storage.

'Tamino' (90 days): 10-inch-long Nantes type that requires deep humusy or loamy soil; holds all winter in the ground without losing quality.

Photography by Didier Delmas

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