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A Calendar of Carrots (cont)

By: National Gardening Association Editors

Early to Main Season (spring sowing for summer harvest; many are flavorful at different stages of maturity)

'Armstrong' (65 days): 7 to 8 inches long; Amsterdam-type that is similar to 'Mokum' (see below), but open-pollinated; holds a month after maturing; fresh eating.

'Earlibird Nantes' (50 days): extra-early Nantes type that reaches almost 8 inches in sandy soils (longer in loamy soils); bright orange with strong tops.

'King Midas' (65 days): Imperator type; colors and sweetens up early, so can be harvested at the 3- to 4-inch stage or left to reach full size of 8 to 9 inches; high in vitamin A.

'Kinko' (55 days): early, 4-inch Chantenay type recommended for shallow or heavy soils; quality is best when harvested young; fresh eating.

'Kuroda' (60 days): 6- to 8-inch Japanese Chantenay that often exceeds one pound but tends to crack and split when overgrown; high-yielding; stores well for fresh eating in winter and good for juice.

'Mokum' (70 days): Amsterdam type that colors and sweetens early, but will mature in the ground to full size of 6 inches and full flavor; very rich in vitamin A; especially good raw and for juicing.

'Napoli' (60-65 days): early, 7-inch Nantes type; strong tops; some resistance to Alternaria blight.

'Narova' (56 days): early 7 1/2 Nantes type that's high in vitamin A and is extra sweet; good for fresh eating or juicing.

'Nelson' (56 days): early, 6-inch Nantes type that matures with good flavor during early and midsummer heat; fresh eating.

'Touchon' (75 days): French heirloom Nantes type; good tasting at any size but will reach 8 inches; fresh eating and very good for juicing.

'Touchon Deluxe' (58 days) is a 7-inch strain selected for extreme earliness and exceptional color.

Main Season (spring to early summer sowing for late summer to fall harvest; develops best flavor at full maturity)

'Bertan' (70 days): 6-inch Nantes; holds its very sweet flavor exceptionally well; fresh eating, freezing and storing.

'Bolero' (72 days): 6 to 7 inch hybrid Nantes with tolerance to Alternaria blight; stores well.

'Caro Pride' (72 days): 6 to 7 inch Nantes; superb sweet flavor for fresh eating; resistance to Alternaria blight; widely adaptable.

'Express' (70 days): 5- to 6- inch, fast-maturing Nantes type; some cavity spot resistance.

'Fly Away' (72 days): 6- to 7-inch hybrid Nantes that's resistant to the carrot rust fly; good for fresh eating and freezing.

'Imperial Chantenay' (75 days): 4 to 5 inches long, stocky, tapered; especially good for heavy or sticky soils.

'Ingot' (70 days): 8 inch long Nantes type with very high vitamin A

'Juwarot' (70 days): 5- to 8-inch Nantes type; very high in vitamin A; fresh eating, freezing, stores well

'Liberno' (75 days): 7 inch Chantenay-Nantes hybrid; resistance to splitting and green shoulders; pulls easily; holds flavor well after cooking.

'Monique' (68 days): a 7-inch Nantes hybrid with a rich flavor and high vitamin A.

'Nantes Tip Top' (73 days): 7-inch Nantes type, with stronger tops than other Nantes varieties; adapted to a wide range of soils.

'Red-Cored 3-Supreme Chantenay' (70 days): improved version of original: slightly larger (4 inches long) with smoother skin and better color; fresh eating, canning, freezing and storage.

'Short 'n' Sweet' (68 days): 4-inch Chantenay bred for heavy or poor soils.

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