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Farmers' Markets are for Families

Your local farmers' market is a great place for kids to learn about food and how it's grown.

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KidsGardening Celebrates 1000 Gardens

Celebrating our partnership with Gro1000 to install 1000 community gardens and green spaces.

Growing Melons in Cool Climates

Grow these heat-lovers successfully even in short-season climates.

Featured Article Featuring: Edible of the Month - Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

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Tip of the Day

Stop Summer Pruning and Fertilizing

As temperatures rise, plant growth slows, so there's no need to continue fertilizing or pruning. Wait until temperatures cool before fertilizing and pruning again. Pruning trees and shrubs now can lead to sunburn from exposure to the hot sun.

Green Gardening Tips

Invite Good Guys into the Garden

Looking for help controlling pests in the garden? There is an army of tiny helpers eager to lend a hand…
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Gardener to Gardener

Container plantings, whether in window boxes, hanging baskets or individual pots, are very popular these days -- and with good reason. Combining an interesting pot with an eye-catching mix of plants, gives your garden an exciting focal point that complements your other plantings. Container gardens allow you to grow plants, including vegetables, herbs, and fruits, in all sorts of places -- on your front steps or your deck, on a balcony or roof. Find out how to keep your container plants thriving in this month's newsletter.
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