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Fall Food Garden Tips

Get advice on fall harvesting and putting your garden to bed as the seasons change.

Press Backyard Flowers and Leaves

Take kids on a backyard plant exploration to collect leaves and flowers to press and preserve.

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Growing Ideas Blog

Tip of the Day

Harvest Brussels Sprouts

As the weather cools, harvest Brussels sprouts when they form small, hard, cabbage-like balls along the stem. Harvest from the bottom of the stem and work your way up. To form larger sprouts, cut off the top 6 inches of the plant.

Green Gardening Tips

Keep Lawns and Lakes Healthy

Late summer to early fall is the prime time for fertilizing cool season lawn grasses…
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Gardener to Gardener

Fall is bulb planting time, in both the flower garden and the vegetable garden. Tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths are well-loved old favorites, but there is also a host of less familiar bulbs that bring early color to the garden, sometimes even while snow still lingers. It’s also time to plant garlic and shallots, easy-to-grow edible bulbs that you'll harvest next summer. Find out how to plant bulbs now for a harvest of good eating and a glorious floral show next growing season in this month's report.
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